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for the introduction of eligible Peers and Commoners.
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A free, upscale, private, online dating site where eligible royals, peers, and aristocrats may be matched
with eligible Commoners.
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About Us is a free, upscale, private, online dating site designed to promote Peer-Commoner matches.  This is our mission!

Even the most high-born gentleman can sometimes use a little help navigating the dating scene.  In many countries, aristocrats and royals are listed in peerage publications, but such listings are often very impersonal.  They do not scratch the surface of profiling these men to those who would like to actually get to know them. provides an opportunity for Peers to round out cookie-cutter peerage directory listings and also search through profiles of eligible Commoners in complete privacy.  No paparazzi. No spam. No groupies. Ever.  Just direct access to view and contact their kind of gal.

Back in the day, the society pages and debutante register were places where Commoners could shine, but such opportunities have unfortunately gone by the wayside. provides Commoners with what they need to showcase themselves to eligible, high-born gentlemen and empowers them with the most complete information available about Peers of interest, compiled from respected peerage publications, online encyclopedias, social media, and incorporating any edits the Peers themselves may make.

All site users affirm that they are single and of age, and Peers must be invited to the site or undergo a verification process to confirm their identity.

Am I Eligible to RSVP ?

To RSVP, you must be at least 18 years of age and not currently married, unless legally separated.

Am I a Commoner or Peer ?
  Commoner Peer
You have a hereditary or courtesy title, including royal connections. false true
You are the heir apparent or heir presumptive of such a titled person. false true
You are the sibling of such a titled person (title not by marriage) or sibling of his heir. false true
You are the untitled child or grandchild of such a titled person. false true
You have a nonhereditary title, honour, or leadership role for life. false true
You are royal/aristocratic, but your title is from a former country or a former ruling house. false true
You are not a Peer per any of the above. true false

What Site Features and Functionality Will I Receive?

Note : You are a Commoner if you are not a Peer.
  RSVP as a Commoner RSVP as a Peer Drop by Informally
Special Promotions First 1,000 TBD 3
Home Page Personalized; Direct
Access to Page
Personalized; Direct
Access to Page
Generic; Appears after Welcome Screens
Free Profiles ? Two Two 3
Free Photos ? Five Five 3
Free Search - Commoners ? Determined by Settings 3 Limited View and Access
Free Search - Peers? 3 Determined by Settings Limited View and Access
Appear in Search Results ? Determined by Settings 3 3
Can Save Searches ? 3 3 3
Can Favourite ? 3 3 3
Can "Express Interest" or Communicate for Free ? 3 3 3
Free Content View of Blog, Message Boards, Book Reviews, and Community Chat ? 3 3 3
It’s all Free – Just RSVP ! Free international profiles, searches, email, live online community chat, message
boards, polls, featured blog articles, book reviews, royalty/peerage news, research links, and more !